Identify a video file type using Kinesense Vid-ID

With hundreds of different CCTV file formats and video players out there, its often hard to find the right player for a job. Kinesense has done the hard work, and created a database of over 1000 different proprietary video file formats with links to where you can download them. If you have a file you can't identify, just type the name below and our system will do its best to find a match.

An offline version of this tool is available as part of the Kinesense PlayerManager application, and it included copies of nearly 900 different players that will play the file right from your desktop. Find out more at

Find out more about the problem of video file formats here:

Please select a file using the "Choose File" browse button below. The result will be emailed to you. Kinesense Vid-ID looks up the file type in our extensive online database of DVR manufactures and formats and provides third party download links where available.